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Though it may not be as well-known globally as the Bordeaux region of France or Tuscany in Italy, Western Canada’s British Columbia has a dynamic, diverse, and vibrant wine scene, and it produces wines comparable to those from Europe and South America.

Most of British Columbia’s grapevines are located on the southern edge of B.C, close to the border with the U.S. The geography of the southern region of the province is very diverse; there are lush islands, moist zones, and desert-like valleys that allow for the production of a wide variety of grapes.

There are five wine-producing regions in B.C.: Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, Fraser Valley, Okanagan Valley, and Similkameen Valley.

At Enjoy Craft, we go inside these regions to identify over 12 micro-regions. Each region will have a designated month of wines in the Craft Collection series…one per month


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